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Following the theoretical studies which began in 2002, a research and development (RD) leap aiming at producing and improving dermocosmetics via chemical molecule encoded NS1, has been started from 2011 on, within the scope of the project entitled “Production of Medicines and Dermocosmetics Containing Minerals”.

While the RP was processing, the registration of the new product was achieved in 2011, as the result of the application supported by TUBİTAK.

The Nocicept Dermocosmetics have thus started to get systematically produced according to the Regulations about the General Management of Chemicals and Pharmaceutics of the Ministery of Health, in an establishment and a laboratory awarded with an internationally valid certificate of GMP.

The very first goal of us was to develop some barrier type creams to be topically used with stronstium salt. By means of in vitro experiments realised with stronstium salt, it has been observed that the formula acts not only neurogenical inflammations but also on the perspirational mechanism of human body.

Consequently, a considerable portfolio of products was acquired to let the Nocicept dermocosmetics access to international cosmetics market.

As outcome of long research - development studies and experiments, it was as important as the first phases for Nocicept products to get well presented to the market and to appear on pharmacies' shelves.

Therefore, Bilerti Sağlık not only happened to become the favorite business partner for its cooperators by using an elastical franchising system (EFS) but also facilitated the access to the products by means of a call center it built up besides.

With the sale and marketing experiences cumulated during many years' hard work, Bilerti Sağlık Company is targetting to provide to the world of health a confidence and high quality focused service, using in addition its partners' previous experiences, either people's and companies'.

Bilerti Sağlık whose strategies are based on the principle of producing solutions according to the actual needs, aims particularly at being constantly preferred by the customers in Dermocosmetical field. The searches are steadily going on not only in order to find the safest and the fastest method of delivery of the purchase order to the customers but also to offer to them just what they need.

With their philosophy basing on “İnnovative Solutions at Medical Dermocosmetics”, Bilerti Sağlık never gives up its dream of becoming the brand number one in national and international field.
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