Nocicept AP Antiperspirant Cream 75 ml
Dual effect with Nocicept Antiperspirant AP in case of excessive perspiration.

The excessive perspiration is a serious cosmetic and dermatologic problem. Nocicept Antiperspirant AP can be used to keep under controle the perspiration all over the excessively perspirating zones of the body with its dual effect.

The perspiration is diminished by using it during only two weeks and by nights on the most intensively perspirating zones of the body.
Using instruction
Use Nocicept Antiperspirant once a day on mostly perspirating zones of the body and use it twice a week when ameliorated. Otherwise, use Nocicept AP on weekends and Nocicept Axillary AP on week days. Apply only Nocicept Axillary AP twice a day in case of axillary hyperhidrosis.
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