Nocicept Balanced HSCL Hair Shampoo Calming Lotion 50 ml
Effective Therapeutic Set for Scalp's problems.

The intense dandruff diminshes one's life quality just as do the pruritis and the sensation of burning-pricking in scalp's diseases like seboreic dermatitis, pitriazis capitis simplex (simple dandruff) and psoriazis.

With Nocicept Balanced HS, not only a safe and powerful cleansing without irritation is provided but it is also possible to decrease the formation of dandruff and desquamation.

The Zinc Gluconate and the Stronstium Chloride Hexahydrate in their contents, help dissipate the symptoms on the scalp. Besides, the moisturizing factors into the lotion contribute to protect its wholeness.
Using instruction
Nocicept Balanced HS: External use only. Available any frequency of use.
Nocicept Balanced HSCL : External use only. Apply on the scalp with slight frictions just after using the Balanced HS and rinsing the hair carefully in a towel. Available at any frequency of use, even without taking a bath.
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