Nocicept Sensitive Skin 75 ml
Nocicept Sensitive Skin Extra-Vanishing Cream is developped against dermatologic problems of facial zone frequently accompanied by sensation of burning- pricking and pruritis (itching).

It is easily used as cosmetic since it contains very little oil and doesn't shine on the face. It may also efficiently function in cases with Rosacea and Hyper Sensitivity on the facial skin.

Helps protect the wholeness of the skin via Zinc and Dimethicon molecules whose efficiency on Rosacea is proved. The Stronstium Chloride Hexahydrate, on the other hand, acts to diminish the symptoms like sensation of burning- pricking and pruritis.

Recommended to dissipate the irritations after facial epilation for women and after shave for men. Applicable as well, just after peeling or lazer operations at sensitive zones.
Using Instruction
For external use only. 2-3 times daily use is recommended. Smear slightly where needed so that no excess remains, if not suggested otherwise by the doctor.
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