Nocicept Sensitive Face & Hands Liquid Soap 300 ml
Minimum contents, maximum cleansing for sensitive face and hands.

Nocicept Sensitive Face&Hands is a liquid cleanser developped for sensitive face's and hands' skin.

While the Glycerine in its contents is facilitating the gain of moisture, the Stronstium Chloride Hexahydrate helps diminishing the symptoms such as sensation of burning-pricking and pruritus (itching).

Besides, It dissipates all other irritations caused by other liquid cleanser formulas.
Using Instruction
For external use only. Enough amount of liquid cleanser foamed with water should be used according to daily need. After slightly rinsing in a towel, one should, for a better protection, also use “Dysesthesia” and “Xerotic” for hands and “Sensitive Skin Cream” for face.
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