Nocicept Sun Screen Prevent Sunburn 150 ml
For sun protection of sensitive skins.

Provides high protection without irritating the skin.

Nocicept Sun screen protects against the harmful rays of the Sun.

Presents a real Sun Screen with the Stronstium Chloride Hexahydrate beside the UVA and UVB filters in its contents.

In case of lupus erithematozus, rozacea and eruption of light morphosis where the Sun protection is essential and generally to keep away from Surnburn, Nocicept Sun Screen is secure and efficient as first choice.
Using instruction
Nocicept Sun screen is a right choice to provide protection against the Sun but only by using it in the right way. Use the Sun screen 15 minutes before sunbathing, then re-use after 40 minutes under the Sun and repeat the dose once every 2-4 hours. Refresh the cream after swimming and rinsing in a towel or in case of perspiration without swimming. It is recommended to get advised by a doctor before using Nocicept Sun screen for children under 6months old.
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