Nocicept Vanishing Cream 100 ml
For normal and mixed skin types where sensation of burning, pricking and pruritis are often present.

Nocicept Vanishing Cream containing less less oil proportion, may be mostly suggested for less xerotic (dry) skin types.

It is mainly used to protect the wholeness of the irritated skin of patients suffering from acne vulgaris treated with systemic isotretinoin, as well as in cases not accompanied by intense xerotes like subacute eczema, diabethic dysesthesia or nostalgia paresthetica. It may also be recommended for the dissipation of the irritations due to epilation at haired zones of the extremities and of the body.

Functions also to relieve the symptoms like sensation of burning-pricking beside the irritations in 1st degree burn cases. Avoids the irritations after cosmetic interventions like peeling and lazer epilation. Helps soothing the symptoms such as pruritis or sensation of pricking and burning by means of Stronstium Chloride Hexahydrate in its content.
Using Instruction
External use only. Smear slightly where needed so that no excess remains. 2-3 times daily use is recommended.
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